Good for Halloween! MAC ‘Which Witch’ lipstick review


Hi all and welcome to my blog! I am so excited to share my first ever post with you! As some of you know I am obsessed(!) with MAC makeup and especially their lipsticks. I love their limited edition pieces the most, because of their often beautiful packaging and unique shades that cannot be found in store all year round.


Today I’m reviewing Brooke Candy ‘Which Witch’ lipstick. I wasn’t sure who Brooke Candy was but from a quick google search I found out she is an american singer and rapper. Mac released a collection by her name for Fall 2015 that includes 2 lipsticks and a liquid eyeliner. I decided to get ‘Which Witch’ lipstick because it looks like a lovely dark plum shade which I do not own yet. The other lipstick of the collection (‘Mind Control’) is a bright cherry red which means ‘another red lipstick’ to me so I had to pass on that one. So lets start!
The packaging is pretty cool, punk-rock kind of style. The outer box is decorated in what seems like hand doodles in black, red & glitter white. When you pull out the inner box it is quite disappointing to discover the plain black MAC lipstick packaging.



Once you open the packaging you discover a plain black signature MAC lipstick inside which is, again, quite disappointing compared to other MAC limited edition collections.

‘Which Witch’ is an Amplified Creme lipstick and described as a ‘deep plum’.
First seeing the lipstick once I opened it, it looked almost black! I was warned about this after reading reviews online but was calmed down after being told it is not as dark as it looks once applied on. It seems more like a black-purple kind of shade to me rather than ‘dark plum’.



Applying this lipstick is quite easy as it’s very creamy and glides on the lips.
It is semi opaque, shiny and seems a bit uneven once applied. I had to repeat and apply it a few times until I got the results I was pleased with. I’d recommend using a lip liner with this one as it does tend to ‘bleed’ a bit but it is not absolutely necessary.
After reading some reviews online before I ordered this lipstick, I was convinced it is not as dark as it seems but let me tell you something: IT IS! It is a very dark purple, cool purple on my lips. I have a pale skin colour and on me this shade looks goth actually, and it’s not my style. I love dark lipsticks, especially dark plums, but this shade isn’t the dark plum I was hoping for. It’s too ‘halloween costume’ in my opinion so i’ll have to give it a pass.




This is the swatch on my hand and on my lips (no lip liner) using iPhone 6 camera and shown in 2 different lights. It does appear slightly lighter in the photos than in reality.

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I hope you found this review helpful and thanks for visiting my blog! 🙂

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