Shoes shoes shoes! (Asos shoe haul)

Hi everyone and welcome to my second post! Today I will show you some of the cute (and quirky!) shoes & accessories I love by Asos.
Some are good for everyday wear while others are more suitable for a fun night out.
I love Asos and shop there often for cute designs, the latest fashion trends & good quality pieces that are also affordable. Asos often have great sales so it’s always worth keeping an eye for that.
Most of the shoes below are under $50 and I think it’s fab! You don’t have to spend big bucks to have a personal style that is fun and chic too!


My personal favorites are the Pom Pom shoes. Who doesn’t love a fluffy Pom Pom? especially when it brings any (boring) outfit to life.

Asos have released a few versions of the Pom Pom shoe along with some fun Pom Pom accessories. I got the Asos Say You Don’t heels in pink ($36.5AUD) and Asos Say You Do Too ($51AUD) pointed heels in black snake (both on sale). First of all how cute are the names? Suits the character of the shoes completely! Simply adorable.

Photo credit: Asos



The pink shoes (Say You Don’t) have straps that can be worn in 2 different ways: criss-cross or a straight line:



The neon pink color is so adorable and the Pom Pom is made out of rubber like strings (reminds me of children’s toy key rings). I’d probably pair these babies with denim or a nice black dress.
The black shoes (Say You Do Too) are very comfy and theyย come in other colors too!

Photo credit: Asos



These can be worn with anything really but I’d keep them for a special occasion or for a fun night out on the town. Both pairs have a 4.5cm heel.
Here are my top picks for Pom Pom shoes & accesories :
Asos Say You Do Too pointed heels
Asos Say You Do Too pointed heels
Asos Say You Do Too pointed heels

Asos Say You Will pointed heels

Asos Say You Will pointed heels
Asos Say You Will pointed heels

Asos LILLE Co-ord pointed ballet flats

Asos LILLE Co-ord Satin Clutch Bag with Faux Fur Pom

Asos Devil Halloween Key Ring/ Asos Large Fluff Ball key ring with googly eyes
Sportsgirl Fur Pom Pom key rings

Fendi Key rings

Next are the sweet as pie animal inspired shoes. I got the Asos Lexi Halloween Cat Face Ballet Flats ($52AUD) and the Asos Little Munchkin Pointed Ballet Flats in gold ($37AUD on sale).
Funky shoe designers such as Sophia Webster and Charlotte Olympia have been doing it for a while. Whether it’s butterflies, flamingos or cats, if it’s an animal it definitely fits for a shoe! These shoes are great for everyday wear and will not go unnoticed by your colleagues. Great price too with free shipping.

Photo credit: Asos


Photo credit: Asos

Asos Little Munchkin are also available in black. Unfortunately both pairs are almost sold out so better be quick!

Last but not least is the search for the perfect shoe boot. I’ve been looking for nice flat ankle boots for a while until I found these beauties: Asos Antic Ankle Boots. I wanted everyday boots that apart from looking good and being practical, would also make a statement. These are just perfect for what I was looking for! I love the fringe detail and the fact they’re super black & shiny (rock n’ roll kinda style). Can be worn day or night and the price is extremely reasonable, $74AUD with free shipping.

Photo credit: Asos

Here are my top picks for shoe boots:

Asos ANCESTOR Eyelet Ankle Boots

Eeight Nelly Cut Out Star Embellished Ankle Boots at Asos

Asos Astronomical Pointed Velvet Ankle Boots

Asos Astronomical Pointed Ankle Boots

Asos Astronomical Pointed Ankle Boots in Black patent croc

Asos Resident Ankle Boots in Navy glitter

Asos Rock City Pointed Ankle Boots

Asos Right Off Leather Pointed Ankle Boots

All shoes available at
I hope you found this post inspiring & useful for your next shoe shopping spree! Thank you for visiting my blog ๐Ÿ™‚
Copyright ยฉ 2015 The Glam Sparkle. All rights reserved.

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