MAC ‘Magic of the Night’ swatches & reviews

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I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been away (I know I know it’s not an excuse) but I’m back!
I’ve also changed the name of my blog to ‘Glam and Sparkle’ because I feel this represents me more. Hope you like 🙂
Today I’ll be showing you my collection (aka haul) of MAC’s ‘Magic of the night’ 2015 holiday collection. I did have these for a while but didn’t get a chance to post about them just yet. Let’s begin!


This collection is just beautiful! If I could get every single piece I would! But that would seriously get me into debts because there are so many beautiful MAC collections coming out and I need to save up for all of them! Haha
The packaging boxes are so pretty and shiny in the most gorgeous colours: royal blue, teal and purple.
From this collection I got: 1 In Extra Dimension Skinfinish, 3 colourdrenced pigments, 1 Lipstick and 2 Pearlglide Intense Eyeliners.


I must admit I was also looking to buy ‘Oh Darling’ skinfinish EVERYWHERE! And I mean everywhere! I literally sent relatives who live overseas to look for it. But unfortunately it was all gone within a matter of minutes! Some even got giggled at at the MAC store, lol. How annoying. At least I managed to get one of the two fabulous In Dimension Skinfinishes released in this collection: ‘Shaft of Gold’.
MAC ‘Shaft of Gold’ In Extra Dimension Skinfinish:
‘Shaft of Gold’ is a ‘liquid-powder highlighter that gives a luminous, well defined finish.’ It is described as a ‘deep bronze.’* It’s bronze-brown-gold, slightly orange and super shimmery. I love it as a bronzer to add that extra summer glow.
It’s very thick in consistency and highly pigmented. The formula is almost cream-like, yet still on the powder side.
MAC Colourdrenched pigments in ‘Tonight’s the night’, ‘Moon is blue’ and ‘Ascent of glamour’:
How gorgeous are these? The Colourdrenched pigment is ‘an innovative pressed pigment eyeshadow in highly pearlized, glistening, creamy hues.’* It is a new eyeshadow formula by MAC. It’s thicker in consistency than regular average eyeshadows and highly pigmented. The colour really pops out and has lots of tiny sparkles in it.
‘Tonight’s the night’ is described as a ‘deep blackened teal’. It’s a gorgeous shade of dark teal/green with a shimmer frost finish.
‘Moon is blue’ is described as a ‘royal blue’. It’s deep dark blue with a shimmer frost finish.


‘Ascent of glamour’ is described as a ‘cobalt violet blue’. It’s a deep-bright purple shade with a shimmer finish.
All are very dense, rich and beautiful colors. The formula is very thick, almost cream-like yet still powdery, and applies well and fast.





These can be used dry or wet due to their unique formula. I like using these as ‘eyeliners’ applied with an eyeliner brush for a pop of colour on the eye lid.
MAC Pearlglide intense eyeliners:


The Pearlglide intense eye liner is ‘an eye pencil that provides rich, luxurious colour with a touch of shimmer and sparkle.’*
‘Petrol blue’ is described as ‘deep navy with pearl’. It is a deep dark blue (with a teal tinge to it) with white & blue sparkles.
I love this! It’s more refreshing than a typical navy eyeliner and it really brings my dark brown eyes out.
‘Black Swan’ is described as ‘black with pearl’. It’s deep creamy black with white and silver sparkles. In the photos it does seem like it has light green sparkles in it, go figure!
This one is one of my fav and I use it almost on a daily basis on the waterline.


Both simply glide on, very rich, opaque colours and of course, super sparkly! (Just how I like it 😉
I like to apply them in the waterline where they don’t seem too sparkly but quite tame and it’s definitely an upgrade from a plain boring liner.
Last but not least is ‘Evening Rendezvous’ lipstick:




It’s described as a ‘deep reddish purple with a matte finish’. It’s a gorgeous warm purple color, creamy in consistency compared to other MAC matte lipsticks.

It’s opaque once applied on once and long lasting. Great for a night out for a less bolder look.


Simply Gorgeous!

Collection is sold out in stores but still available online at
or eBay

Hope you liked my post and thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

*Descriptions taken from MAC website

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