Red, white & blue: My MAC picks for Australia Day

Hi lovelies and welcome back to my blog!

Today I’ll be showing you my top MAC picks for Australia Day! Yay!
Today we celebrate Australia Day in Australia and as you know the colours of the Aussie flag are red, white & blue, so using these colours in makeup is a good excuse!
As you know I’m obsessed with MAC makeup (especially their limited edition pieces) so I’ve chosen three limited edition products that were released late last year by MAC:
MAC Giambattista Valli Lipstick in ‘Charlotte’
MAC Colourdrenched pigment in ‘Moon is Blue’ from ‘Magic of the Night’ collection.
MAC ‘Reflects Pearl’ glitter from the ‘Cinderella’ collection.


Aren’t they the perfect trio for the Aussie flag colours? I think so.
MAC limited edition packaging never ceases to surprise me.
Giambattista Valli Lipstick in ‘Charlotte’
‘Charlotte’ is a deep brightened red, with a dark tinge and a semi matte finish. It’s creamy, easy to apply and doesn’t ‘bleed’ on the lips. This one lasts a few good hours.
 I personally love this shade of red that isn’t too bright nor dark. It’s the perfect red!


MAC ‘Moon is blue’


‘Moon is blue’ is described as a ‘royal blue’. It’s deep dark blue with a shimmer frost finish. It’s a ‘colourdrenched pigment’ which is a new eyeshadow formula by MAC. It’s thicker in consistency (almost cream-like yet still on the powder side) than regular eyeshadows and highly pigmented. This beautiful shade of blue really pops out and has lots of tiny sparkles in it. I like using this as an ‘eyeliner’ applied with an eyeliner brush for a pop of colour on the eye lid.
MAC ‘Reflects Pearl’ Glitter
‘Reflects Pearl’ is described by MAC as a ‘very fine particle white glitter with a pearl sheen’. This is a super sparkly white glitter with tiny silver sparkles. It’s loose glitter and doesn’t stick to the skin at all! so it needs some sort of an adhesive base to help it stick to the skin. Feels more like arts and crafts glitter if you ask me. This glitter can be used on face, skin and hair. I wouldn’t particularly buy this for myself but I got this from a friend so why not? It’s still very pretty though.
This is it for my Australia Day MAC makeup picks! Hope you like it and to sum up I’ll leave you with these cuties I picked up from the supermarket (for $2!).
Thanks for reading and visiting my blog lovelies 🙂


*All products in this post are sold out except for Moon is blue
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