Holster shoes – Not just for holiday!

Hi all and welcome back to my blog! Today I will show you my small collection of holster shoes as well as my wish list and must haves from this exciting brand.

Based in Noosa beach Australia, holster design and create the most amazing fashion jelly shoes and accessories. They’re most famous for their embellished jelly shoes but their latest collections are taking it even a step further introducing sneakers, espadrilles and ballet flats.
When I first ran into holster through social media, I immediately fell in love. Their designs are so unique and would complement all women in all ages. I love love love my holsters and I can’t wait to get my hands on more!


Not only they scream ‘glam & sparkle’, they look great with almost anything I put on. I wear the sandals on a daily basis and everywhere I go. Whether it’s to the beach, supermarket or a casual night out, it simply glams your outfit right up!
Forget about boring flip flops, why not make a fashion statement going to the beach? That’s what I’m talking about!

I simply love their designs! so innovative yet seem so effortless! and the children’s footwear is so adorable too.

Although I got clear jelly sandals myself, I do love the coloured ones so much. It was a hard choice to make but I wanted to go for a nuetral color to start off with that will look good with anything I wear  (and I must say it was a good decision).
I do love the clear jelly look too with the clear crystals that sparkle like diamonds in the sun! So pretty.

On my wish list is to add more colour to my life with sandals in green, blue, nude, turquoise & white (some are on sale at the moment for half price so must hurry up!).

My top picks:

on sale

on sale

on sale

on sale

on sale

on sale
I was lucky enough to get their Wanderlust Sneaker in Pewter Glitter from the new AW16 collection:
I must say these sneakers (available in 3 colours) are seriously the most comfortable shoes I own! No joke. The colour is lovely and so unique for a shoe: dark silvery-grey with tons of sparkles (just the way I like it!). This colour works well with most of the colours I wear and the shoe is versatile and can be worn with many outfits. I wore it the other day with a dark green plaid shirt dress and got many compliments! I can’t wait to style it with a cute skirt and knee high socks for a perfect autumn look.
Last but not least: jelly accessories! how clever is that?
How cute is this jelly bag? I think it’s brilliant to make jelly bags to match your jelly shoes. Takes jelly fashion to a whole new level! This bag is definitely on my wish list (All 3 colors please). There are more bag designs available on the website, check them out!
To sum up, holster slogan is ‘make every day a holiday with holster’ and I couldn’t agree more! Definitely packing a few of these with me on my next vacay! (must be comfortable and stylish at the same time, right?)
Until then I’ll be more than happy to strut in them in the lovely streets of Melbourne 😉
All available at www.holsterfashion.com


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