Kylie lipkits in ‘True Brown K’ & ‘Dolce K’

Hi lovelies and welcome back to my blog! Today I will show you my grabs from Kylie Cosmetics which is Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics line.

So far she has released lipkits that include her signature liquid lipsticks & lip pencils (8 colours so far), along with lipglosses (3 colours) and metallic liquid lipsticks (3 colours).


Kylie cosmetic’s Instagram (mattes)

Kylie cosmetics’s Instagram (gloss)

Kylie cosmetic’s Instagram (metallics) 

I got ‘True brown K’ and ‘Dolce K’ lipkits.
As we all know it is SUPER hard to get a hand on these as they sell out extremely quick, within a matter of minutes of restocking online.
The packaging is super cute! It comes in a black & white box printed with a dripping effect just like on the lippies, a postcard which I love! It shows Kylie’s signature lips with shiny foil teeth! I’m going to frame that one;)
The postcard has a personal message from Kylie in (a print of) her own handwriting and signature which I find adorable and a great marketing tool for her fans. Well done Kylie!
The lipkits packaging is designed with the same dripping effect and shiny lips on them along with Kylie’s signature on the back. When you open them you find the matching lip pencil and lipstick.
I was lusting after ‘True brown K’ after seeing it on gorgeous Kylie in her ig account.
Kylie’s Instagram

Kylie’s Instagram

How stunning! It’s a true deep chocolate brown in a matte finish.
The pencil is very creamy and glides on smoothly and easily. The colour is intense and the product overall is of very good professional makeup quality.
The lipstick is easy to apply but you have to be careful as it can get patchy if not working quickly enough and evenly.
It starts off as dark warm chocolate brown but dries much darker. It also dries the lips after a while (as most matte liquid lipsticks do) so I’d recommend wearing a lip primer beforehand.
‘Dolce K’ is a gorgeous Dolce de leche colour! It’s a warm dark nude with brown-peachy undertones in a matte finish.

Kylie’s Instagram 

The lipstick I found was less patchy than ‘True brown K’, probably because it’s a lighter colour, I’m not sure. But just like ‘True brown K’ it gives full coverage and applies easily. yet I’d still recommend wearing a lip primer prior for less signs of drying lips.

‘Dolce K’ and ‘True brown K’ without flash

‘Dolce K’ and ‘True brown K’ with flash

I tried a few possible dupes that will save you some big bucks. For ‘True brown K’ lip pencil ($US29 for the kit) I swatched ‘Colourpop’ cosmetics ‘Pitch’ lippie stick ($US5) and other than the finish, they turned out quite similar.

Top to bottom: ‘True Brown K’ lip pencil and Colourpop ‘Pitch’ lippie stick

For ‘Dolce K’ I tried ‘Colourpop’ liquid matte lipstick in ‘Beeper’ ($US6). They are very similar but not identical.

Top to bottom: ‘Dolce K’ and Colourpop ‘Beeper’

I find ‘Dolce K’ slighlty warmer than ‘Beeper’ but it’s a great dupe for a fraction of the price and the quality is amazing too!

Overall, I loved the packaging & the quality and I can’t wait to get my hands on more! The price is good too – $US29 for quality celebrity lipstick & lip pencil – not too bad at all!
All available for purchase at upon restocking dates & times only. Gotta be quick, they sell out within 5 minutes. Follow @kyliecosmetics on Instagram for restock alerts.
Hope you liked my post and found this useful! If you have, please leave a comment below 😉
Until next time lovelies!


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