My little essentials haul

Hi lovelies and welcome back to my blog! Today I will show you my little beauty essentials haul and explain to you why these products are absolutely essential for your daily makeup routine application!

Let’s get started 🙂


So what did I get?

The original beauty blender ($30 from Sephora)




If you haven’t heard about it, it’s the new big thing in the makeup industry and used by almost every single beauty blogger and vlogger on the planet.
Why is the original beauty blender so essential?
First of all it can be used to apply and blend a selection of cream/powder products such as foundation, concealer, cream contour, setting powder etc. It is a reusable makeup application spong that does the job of a few makeup brushes! so even though it is quite pricy for a sponge you actually save some $$.
The beauty blender comes in a selection of colours and I got the hot pink one which is the ‘original’ beauty blender colour. The beauty blender is egg shaped and does a great job working on small and big areas around the face. It really applies & blends the product well into the skin for that flawless airbrushed finished look. It’s also extremely easy to use, you simply wet it (it expands to approx double the size), squeeze it so it is damp but not wet, dip into product or apply product to the face and bounce to blend.

MAC Prep+Prime Fix + ($15 for 30ml or $27 for 100ml from MAC)




This facial spray is essential because it is a multi use spray and is extremely refreshing once applied! It is described as a ‘lightweight mist of water packed with vitamins and minerals, infused with a blend of green tea, chamomile and cucumber to gently soothe and refresh the skin’. It is great to use on the face before makeup application to hydrate the skin for an energy boost, and great as a finishing spray after makeup application for that soft sheen finished look.
You can also use this spray to wet your brushes before eyeshadow/highlighter application to intensify the pigment and add that extra pop of colour & shimmer!
It smells super fresh & clean too!

Revlon Photoready Eye primer + Brightener ($25 RRP)




This eye primer + brightener pen by Revlon is essential because it is super easy to use and it is multi purpose just like my other essentials which I love. I actually bought this to use as an eye primer because I actually don’t own one! Why is an eye primer so essential? Because it really makes that eyeshadow pop and last much much longer. When applying eyeshadow with and without primer you can really tell the difference!

It’s sort of between liquid and cream and even though it looks pink once applied, it blends well into the skin and the pink tint fades away. The eyeshadow ‘sticks’ better to the primer and looks more intensified and pigmented. I used this primer under my eyeshadow & eye liner and it lasted throughout the whole day (flawless!) until I removed it late at night!
The great thing about this product is that you can also use it as a brightener which is the same as a highlighter, to highlight under the eyes, bridge of the nose, forehead, cuspid’s bow and chin. You can get this at any drug store or Revlon stockists.

Zoeva 317 Wing Liner brush ($15 from Sephora)





Zoeva is a beauty brand from Germany that offers professional makeup & beauty tools. Their brushes are well known on Instagram and used by many beauty addicts and bloggers. I got a fine wing liner brush because as you know I do not leave the house without a winged liner 😉 I was looking for a new brush to apply my gel eyeliner with and I got this one. Why is an angled brush so essential? It helps you create the perfect wing! It is also great as an eyebrow brush to apply gel/powder products to the brows and shape them easily. Personally I found this brush a bit challenging to work with as it was a bit too long for me. I was looking for something shorter. Having said that this brush is great for creating a bold wing liner. If you don’t own an angled brush then get one! I highly recommend, it is very easy to work with, especially if the brush is good. Zoeva brushes are professional makeup brushes and are quite reasonable in price. A range of their brushes is available at

My look using all 4 essentials (+more ;))

So this is it for my little essentials haul, hope you enjoyed it and learnt a thing or two 😉
Until next time lovelies!



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