My recent outfits and top picks 

Hi lovelies and welcome back to another fashion post! I wanted to share some of my recent outfits and top picks with you as well as where I got them and why I love them so much. So let’s begin!

Keeping up the sparkle 

First I’d like to talk jewellery. I’d like to share my new beautiful diamond ring by Diamond factory ( Isn’t it simply stunning? Nothing is more timeless and classy than a delicate sparkly diamond ring. A great secret to keep my jewellery shine & sparkle like new again is this amazing Diamond Dazzle stick. To use, simply twist the bottom and brush over diamonds, silver and gold jewellery to clean, and it works like a charm! I highly recommend this product and it’s so handy in a pen’s form so it’s easy to carry anywhere in your handbag. Get yours from


The choker trend is one of my fav. Forget the old school tattoo chokers we used to wear as kids. I LOVE leather chokers with sterling silver elements and crystals that really make a glam statement. Alternatively why not play with texture and try denim chokers? This trend is lots of fun and somehow I manage to not get sick of it.

Chokers: Kamery 

Choker: Missguided 

It’s a bug’s life

How cute are these bug earrings and ring I picked up in Singapore from Charles & Keith? I absolutely love the quirkiness of these. Why not carry their bug clutch to match the look? Yes please!

Clutch: Charles & Keith 


T-shirt: Cotton on (a few years back), Skirt: Zara, Bag: Michael Kors, Sneakers: Holster

Shirt: Zara, Skirt: Adidas, Sandals: Charles & Keith

T-shirt: Forver 21, Skirt: H&M, Sandals: Charles & Keith

Shirt: Zara, Skirt: Zara, Bag: Michael Kors, Wedges: Holster 

Jacket: Missguided, Bag: Michael Kors

Denim is my all time favorite – you can never go wrong with it and it’s always stylish. I love playing with colour and texture when it comes to denim for example bleached or tie die denim shirts, or ripped denim jackets and stretchy denim skirts. It goes with anything and it just works!

The casual shoes

Everybody needs a good casual shoe for every day that is stylish and comfortable. Holster fashion have done it again with their summer collection that is light and fun. Check out for more beautiful styles.

‘Stellar’ and ‘Aura’ sneakers by Holster fashion

Night dress

Here are a few simple night looks I picked up lately all from Missguided (aside from Zara skirt). I love black dresses & tops, especially if it’s silky for a night time look. You can never go wrong with black (or navy for that matter) and let’s face it, silky black pieces are timeless and classy and they look great with a bold red lip! 

Dress: Missguided, Clutch: Missguided

Top: Missguided, Skirt: Zara, Bag: Zara

Kimono dress: Missguided

The lace up tee

T-shirt: Forever 21

T-shirt: Forever 21

T-shirt: Missguided 

This is my fav trend at the moment especially now in summer: vintage looking T-shirts with an edge. I used to own a few rock band tees as a teen so it’s nice to see it’s making a comeback into current fashion (or is it? I’ll let you decide for yourself). Some of the designs include a choker feature instead of a lace up design which I find cool as well.

T-shirt: Missguided 

T-shirt: Missguided

The bag and how to dress it

Bag: Michael Kors, Pom Pom keychain: Kylie Cosmetics

I love my recent Michael Kors purchase from Singapore – this adorable baby pink studded handbag (can’t you tell its starring in all of my feed?). I was thinking about the pom pom trend and wanted to get one to decorate my handbag. I saw Kylie cosmetics released some limited edition pompom keychains for the holidays so I rushed in and ordered one for my bag. I think it looks fab, what do you think?

Makeup goals 

Last but not least I thought I’d leave you with some of my fav makeup purchases lately focusing on beautiful packaging  – I’m a sucker for these things. Enjoy!

Kylie Cosmetics


Becca Cosmetics 


That’s it for now, hope you enjoyed my post lovelies!

until next time,



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