Smile Brilliant: don’t be afraid to smile! Teeth whitening system review

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Hi lovelies! today I wanted to share something special with you. We all know the best accessory you can wear is your smile. The secret to a beautiful smile lies within beautiful white teeth. As a lipstick addict, I know lipstick alone won’t cut it. I must admit that I always felt conscious and insecure about my teeth and I wanted to whiten them for a while now. I’m so happy I found Smile Brilliant!

They created custom fitted trays just for me and sent me my own whitening kit system and all in the convenience of my own home! Forget dentist appointments and spending a fortune. Smile Brilliant whitening system is also perfect for sensitive teeth, which I have. I’m so excited to share my results with you.

I always wanted to get my teeth whitened professionally and brighten up my smile. I actually did go through it once and paid a small fortune to get it done with not much success. I was disappointed and never tried it again since. To be honest, I was more turned off by the costs of the process as well as another disappointment.

I’m glad I’ve found Smile Brilliant. Not only I got great results, I did it in the convenience of my own home and I find them much more affordable than local dental cliniques. Why is smile brilliant different than any other teeth whitening solution? Because they custom make fitted trays just for you – from the dental lab straight to your home! That’s right, you don’t even have to leave the house! (well only once to the post office ;)).

So how does it work?

Once you place your order on the website they send you a package. Inside the package you’ll find a home made kit to create your customized trays. It is very simple to make following a step by step instructions guide. In the kit you’ll find 3 sets of impression materials of blue (base) paste and white (catalyst) paste, 2 x blue impression trays, whitening gel & desensitizing gel syringes and a pre paid envelope (US only).

In order to make your custom fitted trays you must make impressions first by mixing blue and white paste until well combined, press putty into trays, set and bite. Wait according to instructions and pull out carefully. If it didn’t work the first time don’t worry! Smile Brilliant provides you with one spare set of materials. Once you are happy with your impressions, place them in the pre paid envelope and ship back to Smile Brilliant.

How impressions look from Smile Brilliant’s instructions guide

Your custom fitted trays are now in the process of being made in the USA. You’ll get notified via email when your impressions have been received and posted back to you. I got my impressions back in Melbourne within about 2 weeks, which I thought was quite fast.

My custom trays have finally arrived! And the best thing is that they were fitted and created just for me. Now it’s time to get started and make my teeth white & bright! Getting started is super easy and there are instruction cards provided for best results. I personally like to whiten my teeth at night before going to bed and it is highly recommended to do so. All you need to do is to remove the breakaway cap from the whitening gel syringe and apply a thin line along the surface that comes in contact with front of teeth, insert and wait! Don’t forget to use the desensitizing gel immediately after each whitening session to reduce sensitivity and prevent future staining. It is essential!

Best thing about this is that once you get used to the trays in your mouth, you can do almost anything while you whiten. For example, why not whiten during your daily makeup & skincare routine or while cooking dinner? It’s easy as!

After about 4-5 sessions I could see a difference and other people noticed as well. As I kept going I could notice that after each session my teeth were slightly whiter. I have sensitive teeth in general so it was good to have the desensitizing gel in the process and I felt that it didn’t cause my teeth any sensitivity at all. That’s another thing that differentiates Smile Brilliant from other teeth whitening systems: many don’t offer alternatives for sensitive teeth, so I thought it was simply great.

After about 10-15 sessions I’m happy with my results. My teeth seem a lot whiter than when I first started and all stains have been removed. I feel a lot more confident and secure with my smile now. I definitely recommend getting Smile Brilliant! It’s a brilliant whitening system solution to use in the comfort of your own home and the results are simply amazing! See for yourself 😉

Before & after

Smile fearlessly thanks to Smile Brilliant!

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