Marc Jacobs beauty: Coconut perfect tan bronzer, highliner & gloss review

Hi everyone and welcome back! Today I’ll be reviewing my new beauty brand obsession: Marc Jacobs beauty.

Marc Jacobs beauty has recently released a coconut collection that contains a few products in crisp white packaging with a light scent of coconut. I absolutely love coconut skin care/perfume products so I simply couldn’t resist! (and the packaging is just lovely isn’t it?)

Marc Jacob beauty Instagram 


Marc Jacobs O!mega bronzer Coconut perfect tan 

I got the O!mega bronzer coconut perfect tan in 104 Tan-tastic! How cute is the name? It is a jumbo size limited edition universal shade bronzer. It’s a nuetral medium-dark brown taupe which I find to be in between warm & cool. Although it appears cool toned in the packaging, It does translate warm brown with a red tinge on the skin. It can be used as a contour shade or as an all over bronzer. The colour is beautiful and very flattering, however I feel this would not work well for someone with a very dark skin tone as it would not show well on their skin. It’s completely matte, no shimmer whatsoever which is great, and it has a slight sweet coconut smell which I love. It is velvety smooth to the touch however one swatch isn’t strong enough and I had to repeat the swatch on my arm a couple of times for it to really show (which means it’s buildable).

Overall I’m impressed. I love it and I think it’s a good find if you love a nice matte super size bronzer that’ll last you for ages and smells like sweet coconuts!

Without flash

With flash


Marc Jacobs Highliner matte gel eye crayon in Deja Blue + Blacquer

Marc Jacobs highliner is a highly pigmented gel eye crayon pen that is super blendable and can be used as a simple eyeliner or as a long lasting eyeshadow or eyeshadow base. I love all the matte colours, especially the vibrant pastel ones. Deja Blue is the most gorgeous shade of pastel baby blue. It’s a true matte and has full coverage in one swatch. Blacquer is a true matte black. It’s a deep true black that glides on effortlessly and very comfortable to wear. These were quite hard to remove after I watched them on my arm which means they are super long lasting!

I love these and I Can’t wait to get my hands on more colours!

Deja Blue



Marc Jacobs Enamoured Hi shine gloss lip lacquer in Sugar Sugar

Sugar Sugar is peachy nude gloss with tiny, almost unnoticeable shimmer. It provides sheer to moderate coverage and on my lips I could barely notice any colour/shimmer. It applied quite patchy and it does feel sticky on the lips. The colour looks like more of a paler version of my lips, only glossier. I’m actually not impressed at all and I would not wear this gloss on its own. I’d recommend wearing this as a lipstick topper or with a lip liner. Overall, I do not recommend this particular product however, Marc Jacobs beauty have a variety of Hi shine gloss colours that do seem beautiful and promising.

Sugar Sugar Hi shine gloss 


Top to bottom: Coconut perfect tan bronzer, Matte highliner in Deja blue, Highliner in Blacquer and Hi shine gloss in Sugar sugar (without flash)

Top to bottom: Coconut perfect tan bronzer, Matte highliner in Deja blue, Highliner in Blacquer and Hi shine gloss in Sugar sugar (with flash)


Thanks lovelies for reading! Hope you found this review useful.

Until next time,



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