New nail colour crush! OPI – Hold out for more 

Hi lovelies! Today I wanted to share my new nail colour crush with you.

I love to experiment with new, fun & out-of-the-box nail polish colours. I get my nails done at a nail salon near where I live about every 3 weeks. My nails are coated in acrylic and I love it that way because the nail polish colour lasts on for ages without chipping, and this way I can also keep my nails at a longer length without the worry of them breaking.

OPI infinite shine – Hold out for more

Described as ‘tawny brown’, it’s a medium brown red with yellow tones. This colour reminds me of Bambi, terra-cotta, milk chocolate & brick. I found this gem a couple of days ago when I went to get my nails done at the local salon, and thought it was a really fun colour which is also perfect for winter. I never tried this type of shade before and it actually really works with my light-beige skin tone.

In photos (especially outdoors and in direct sunlight) it may appear redder than it actually is, although it definitely belongs within the browns family.

The OPI ‘infinite shine’ formula is my fav because it provides long lasting intense shiny colour to my nails. You can recognise this formula by the shiny silver cap.

To sum up I thought why not match my nail polish to a lipstick?

This OPI shade goes great with Colourpop ultra satin lip in ‘Tansy’ (mid-toned yellow brown). How fun!

Colourpop ‘Tansy’ – What do you think?


Hope you enjoyed my post lovelies!

Until next time,



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