Poni Cosmetics Unicorn pressed powders – Review & swatches 

Hi lovelies and welcome back to a fresh new beauty post! Let’s talk unicorns. I’m sure all of you are well aware of the recent HUGE unicorn trend. I literally see it everywhere! and it’s hard not to fall in love. It can be found in fashion, food, home decor and of course – in beauty.

It usually contains rainbow/pastel/metallic colours, glitter, sparkles and cute little horses with a twisted magical horn. The unicorn trend has landed in beauty big time. From unicorn brushes to unicorn rainbow highlighters – it’s all there. When I heard upcoming Australian cosmetics brand Poni Cosmetics are coming out with their own line of unicorn pressed powders I was super excited! Poni Cosmetics are cruelty free and you can also tell by their name they’re animal (& unicorn!) lovers. Yay to that!

I was lucky enough to receive these 3 beauties before their release date (1/8/17) and after testing them out for a couple of days I’m happy to share my honest review & thoughts.

The new trio is: Unicorn candy blush, Unicorn chocolate bronzer & Unicorn champagne highlighter

What’s common to all three other than their unicorns realness, is that they’re all ombré pressed powders and have different intensities and, in the case of the blush, different colours on each end of the product.

The packaging is simply beautiful. The powders are packed in metallic holographic boxes and come in shiny rose gold compacts with a mirror, and a deep purple unicorn icon imprinted on top. Rose gold is another huge trend at the moment so it’s nice to see that Poni Cosmetics have incorporated that into the design of this fun collection.

The names really suit each and every product and you’ll see why in a sec:

Unicorn Candy Blush

This beautiful ombré blush of hot pink & soft peach is simply delicious just like candy! It’s absolutely stunning and frankly I never ran into something quite like this before. The ombré effect is genious in my opinion. It’s two blushes in one, no wait, it’s actually three! The blush is very pigmented and it blends beautifully on the skin. The pink shade reminds me of Barbie pink. It’s a deep matte warm (almost hot) pink and if that kind of pink scares you, then don’t worry! This one can be blended easily into a tint of soft pink on the cheeks. The warm peachy-coral shade has soft shimmer in it. As a makeup artist I feel that both shades are super flattering for everyone – light to dark skin. Mixed together, the colour combined is a warm medium pink with slight shimmer. It’s absolutely gorgeous! A new fav of mine. This blush would also be ideal for summer.

Unicorn Chocolate Bronzer

I love this bronzer already just because it’s named after one of my fav things in the world! Chocolate. But seriously, this bronzer is A-MAZING! It’s a perfect bronzing & contouring shade in a deep matte warm brown-taupe with tiny little sparkles and a satin-matte finish. If you look closely at it you’ll see the bottom part of the pan is slightly lighter with less shimmer than the top part. I personally don’t like super warm bronzers (the kind that make you red) and that’s why this one is just perfect! Honestly it’s one of the best bronzers I’ve ever used! I’m so excited about this one because it’s also perfect as a contouring shade. If you’re looking for 2 in 1 contouring + bronzing product then this is the one for you. It blends beautifully on the skin and gives you that natural summer tan look.

Unicorn Champagne Highlighter 

This highlighter is sweet & sparkly just like bubbly champagne! It’s a warm soft gold shade with shimmer and it’s quite subtle yet buildable. It gives a really nice natural glow to the skin without being too much. Just like the bronzer, if you look closely at the pan you’ll notice the bottom part is slightly lighter with less shimmer than the top part. As if the top part is more intensified with colour & shimmer. This highlighter reminds me of MAC’s Soft & Gentle which is one of their best selling products because it is so soft yet so amazing and a must have. Poni Cosmetics Champahne Highlighter is more yellow-gold toned and it’s perfect for those who are after natural, glowing skin. This is a perfect highlighter for everyday or it can be built up for a more intensified night time look. A perfect finishing touch to any makeup look.


Left to right: in natural sunlight, without flash, with flash. Top to bottom: Unicorn Chocolate Bronzer, Unicorn Candy Blush, Unicorn Champagne Highlighter 

Top to bottom: Unicorn Chocolate Bronzer, Unicorn Candy Blush, Unicorn Champagne Highlighter, Unicorn Candy Blush pink shade & peach shade

Top to bottom: pink shade of blush & peach shade

Top to bottom: Poni Cosmetics Champagne Highlighter compared to MAC Soft & gentle 

To conclude I absolutely LOVE this unicorn collection. Each and every product is unique in its own way and delivers great results. The colours would look great on everyone! Poni Cosmetics have done a great job there. It’s thumbs up from me!

Click here to go to Poni Cosmetics website to purchase.

That’s it lovelies! (or should I say unicorns?) Hope you enjoyed my review and found it useful!

Until next time,



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