Esmi Skin Minerals Skin Treats Review

Hi lovelies! Today I wanted to talk skin care with you.

I must admit that it’s only until recently that I started using products & serums to hydrate and nourish my skin, especially before applying makeup or before bed time (which is quite essential). I’m blessed with good skin – I have normal skin with a slightly oily T-zone. But let’s face it, as time goes by and we are getting older, our skin needs more maintenance and looking after so we can continue having good skin for much much longer. That’s where Esmi Skin Minerals Skin Treats come in. After using the skin treats for over a week now I can give my honest review.

To start off with I have to say that I’m not a big fan of cream moisturizers. I don’t mind BB creams or tinted moisturizers but moisturizers alone never did it for me. I just don’t like the heavy feeling of sticky cream on my skin, especially before the whole makeup routine: primer, foundation, concealer, powders etc. I try to avoid packing up too many products on my skin, the less the better.

Esmi Skin Minerals Skin Treats are perfect for those who wish for something light, easy and nourishing to treat their skin that can also be used under makeup. ‘Food for the skin’ would be a perfect way to describe these as they treat individual skin concerns such as dryness, anti aging, dullness, etc.

The packaging is so beautiful: blue with gold elements, and the bottles are quite big (30ml) so the value is great. The serums are vegan and 100% Australian made.


Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum

This serum is designed to restore, hydrate, protect and condition the skin. I love applying this serum as a base under my makeup instead of a primer (you can use a primer after as well). I feel that it instantly hydrates my skin and helps my foundation ‘stick’ better. It’s a light blue gel-like serum and one long squeeze on the palm of your hand is enough for the entire face area. The serum has no particular scent and it feels super light on the skin, just like water. It instantly cools and calms the skin making it feel super fresh.


24K Gold Nourishing Oil

This oil is simply luxurious! There are no other words to describe it (no, actually there are!). I absolutely love it! Designed to create the optimum nourishing experience for your skin: it assists with increasing skin elasticity, improving blood circulation, locking in moisture, has anti inflammatory and anti aging properties and other natural ingredient to calm the skin and the senses. It is a light yellow oil with little bits of 24 carat gold leaf floating in it. 2 drops of oil are enough for the entire face area, although if you’d like to apply on the neck area as well then 3 drops would be ideal. If I get any excess product left, I like to rub it all over my hands because they tend to dry in these days cold weather. The smell is simply devine and my skin feels amazing after applying it. I like using this after I removed all my makeup and cleansed my skin at night before bed. It gives my skin that extra boost of hydration and my skin feels super smooth and soft. Whenever I feel my skin looks dull or feels dryer than usual, I like to use the serum first followed by the oil.

Both skin treats can be applied under the eye area as well which tends to become drier as we get older so I love that about it – it’s an awesome little multi-tasker! These skin treats are perfect for all skin types: dry to oily, young to mature.

Overall, I’m extremely happy with these skin treats. A little goes a long way and the packaging and value are there. If you wish for extra hydration or simply to treat your skin to something light, luxurious, nourishing and wonderful then give these a try. They replaced my holy grail worldwide-best-seller night serum and I am not kidding! They are truly amazing.

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Thanks for reading lovelies! Hope you found this review helpful.

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