Quality time with Jord Watches + giveaway 

Hi lovelies! I’ve been crazy busy lately with work, family, traveling and living life really. I’m not complaining, I like to thank god for everything that comes my way and keep going. That’s why I think it’s super important to look after yourself and invest in some good old quality time (with yourself).

Quality time to me means me, myself and I doing all the things that I love most and that are good for me. One of the things I love doing most is going for walks by the beach. It’s a good exercise and a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle plus I find it very peaceful and relaxing. Not to mention the view is simply stunning. Whenever I go to my favorite beach I get inspired and grab my iPhone to take some pictures of the beach, boats, the beautiful city view and the swans swimming in the water. It’s actually quite magical, and while I can actually go down the road to the park next door for my walk and exercise, I choose to go all the way to the beach even if it’s a bit further for me to get to, but simply because when I’m there – I’m happy. Life’s too short to compromise on what’s easy and convenient. That’s why I’m investing in quality time for me and the things that make me happy.

To make time for quality time in a busy schedule and lifestyle, one must own a watch. I usually never wear watches because I simply carry my iPhone with me everywhere. Although that changed ever since I came across Jord. When I received my lovely Frankie series wooden watch in purpleheart & plum from Jord I didn’t want to take it off. It’s such a cool, funky yet elegant accessory that’s also very practical for me and my lifestyle. I absolutely love the concept and design of the watch. It is very smart & minimal and the attention to detail is quite exquisite. Not to mention it is super stylish and goes well with any outfit. I love the burgundy-plum tones and the smart rose gold accents of the dials, logo and numerals. It feels very luxurious and  it carries a nice decent weight without being too heavy on the wrist. I love the oversized look of this watch, it gives a nice edgy finishing touch to my total outfit look.

The packaging is lovely too and the beautiful wooden box can be used to keep little treasures such as jewellery, stationary etc. Now that I own this cute and very much stylish watch, I can take it with me everywhere and especially to my fav places for my quality time.

What I also love about this plum wooden watch is that I can match it to my lipstick or my nails! Yes I know, this beauty junkie likes to go all out with her fashion! I also love matching my accessories to my watch like my oversized Pom Pom bag charm for example, my pandora charms bangle and my running shoes too!

If you’re into quality time and fashion like me, I highly suggest checking out Jord watches. They offer so many beautiful different styles of high quality & unique wooden watches to suit both men and women.


For your chance to win a $100 gift code to use on the Jord site, simply click here. You don’t want to miss this out because everyone who enters the contest will get a $25 consultation code once the contest ends to use on the Jord site. It’s a win-win situation, how amazing is that! Yay

contest ends 17/9/17

Even the road signs are telling you to slow down 🙂 Take it easy, have a break and do something good for you. 

Get my watch here.

Click here for Jord website.

Thanks for reading lovelies! I hope you’ll start investing in yourselves and in your much needed quality time. You deserve it.



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