Fenty beauty: is it worth the hype? foundation, highlighter & gloss review

Hi lovelies welcome back to another beauty post! Today I’d like to talk Fenty Beauty by Rihanna. All of us beauty junkies have been well aware about the hype surrounding the brand and personally, I’ve been watching and reading lots of reviews and there are some mixed feelings about it.

I decided to test it out myself especially when I was in need of a new foundation and wanted to try something different than what I usually wear (Estée Lauder Double Wear). I also couldn’t resist and got the mini highlighter & gloss set (how cute??).

Fenty Beauty foundation

I got #230 for my skin tone and even though I’m considered light, I was looking for something slightly darker & warmer toned especially now that it is summer. Packaging is beautiful, I love the matte glass finish of the bottle and the design is slick and fits in perfectly with the rest of the collection.

On my first wear I noticed that the foundation is very light on the skin and dries very quickly. Personally I don’t like that; I like to take my time applying foundation and make sure I apply it everywhere including outlines, and make sure it’s blended well so it’ll look more natural. The foundation is more on the liquid side and dries to a matte silky finish. The colour doesn’t oxidize or changes much and on my first wear I liked the way it looked. It has medium to full coverage (not as full as Double Wear) and you can build it up though it’s harder when it dries so quickly. I felt it lasted all day even in the hot and humid weather. However (and it’s a big however), the next day I tried it over an oil serum I use on my face to hydrate before applying makeup and boy it was not good. The application initially was fine but after an hour or so I noticed different coloured patches on my face. My (Colourpop) concealer didn’t blend well with the foundation (something I noticed all along the way of using it) and throughout the warm day it slowly wore off in terrible patches, something I never experienced using other foundations. I thought I’ll give it another shot and so I used it the next couple of days without the oil serum and it was ok. Nothing too amazing. Yes it looked nice on the skin and lasted until the night time but I felt that it really wasn’t worth all the hype around it. I noticed that if I wanted to blend the foundation down my neck, it showed the lines where it ended because of the way it dries so quickly and doesn’t give you the time needed to ‘mould’ it into the skin. So I had to let it go. For me personally it didn’t work and I much prefer the Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation over this one. I feel it looks more beautiful on the skin, lasts longer and blends just beautifully. Of course this is my personal opinion and what personally suits me and my skin type (normal with slightly oily t-zone).

Bomb Baby – Mini lip & face set

I got the mini set of the two favourites and how cute do they look? It is great for traveling or simply fit in your handbag throughout the day or when you go out for touch ups. Packaging is so beautiful and you can tell the entire line was carefully considered and designed to perfection.

Killawatt Freestyle highlighter

The Killawatt highlighter is super pigmented and feels so soft like butter. I love the peachy-gold metallic tones, not too glittery but more foiled. You can definitely build it up to a blinding highlight (even though one swipe is pretty blinding) or blend it into a more natural glow. Love!

Gloss Bomb

The gloss is a mini version of their best selling, and only, gloss. It is a universal nude shade and I personally really like it. I love the fact it’s a mini so I can take it with me everywhere. It is a beautiful medium toned pinky-nude with sparkles and a sheer-medium finish. Not too sticky, comfy and nourishing, it makes my lips look fuller and more plump. After an hour or two the colour wears off and you are left with glitter on your lips but that doesn’t bother me, you just have to reapply. The applicator wand is larger than what I’m used to but I like it and it makes application easy. Overall, I love both highlighter & gloss and I definitely recommend getting this super cute set.


My look wearing Killawatt Freestyle highlighter & Gloss Bomb

Available at Sephora

That’s all for today lovelies! Hope you enjoyed my review. If you have any questions or would like to leave a comment please don’t hesitate 🙂

Until next time!



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3 thoughts on “Fenty beauty: is it worth the hype? foundation, highlighter & gloss review

  1. I had the same issues with the foundation but the longer you use it, the more you get use to it. I’ve played around with it for months now and it is amazing although I didn’t like it very much at first.


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