How to: Pop of colour eye makeup

Hi lovelies! How are you going? Today I wanted to share a fav makeup look from this week and give you tips on how to do it yourself (it’s not as hard as it seems I promise!).

This look is so simple to achieve and it’s a lot of fun! I found that the blue really opened up my eyes and made me look brighter, more awake.

The blue liner I used is ‘Bee sting’ by Colourpop and it’s no longer available unfortunately. It’s described as ‘intense turquoise blue’: not quite turquoise not quite blue but in between. I’m obsessed with this colour and I actually got inspired to create this look by a recent Mecca memo (link here).

Pic by Mecca

A similar alternative to the liner I used is Nars ‘Khao San’ (pictured above) and it’s up for grabs at Mecca Maxima.

I find this look fun and different and it can be worn as an everyday look or for a night out (minus the top part which is a bit too much for everyday in my opinion).

I started with the usual routine of cleansing my skin, applying foundation, concealer, setting powder, contour, blush and highlighter. Defined my brows then moved on to the eyes. For my black wing I used Kat Von D ‘Tattoo liner’ which is a new fav of mine. It’s blackest black and gives the sharpest most crisp line. Application isn’t too hard with this as the tip is quite long and pointy, like a very fine artist brush. I feel like I have full control of the liner however, the wing part is a little tricky for me at times so if I mess it up I like to grab a makeup removal wipe and with the tip of my nail inside the wipe, wipe off carefully any mistakes or excess liner to make it as sharp and as even as possible.

After I’m done with the wing liner I move on to the coloured eyeliner. I like to use a gel liner as I find them more intense in colour and easier in application (they simply glide on the waterline). I apply the liner on my waterline from beginning to end and I go over it a few times to intensify the colour. Then I grab a similar coloured shadow, for this look I used a light blue metallic shadow, and I apply it as close as possible to the lash line. I’m making sure it touches my gel liner because I don’t want any gaps in between. This makes my look seem professional and finished.

After that I apply black mascara, a few decent coats to define the lashes and bring them out. I also apply a little bit of mascara on the lower lashes but not much as I don’t want it to overpower the blue. If you own a blue mascara that is in similar shades to your liner and shadow then use that on the lower lashes for a true pop of colour and an ‘eye opening’ experience 😉

I then apply my lipstick and of course I choose a nude option because my eye is bold and I want to bring the attention to my eyes and not my lips. I choose my new fav Australis Cosmetics Demi matte lip creme in ‘Empower’ which is somewhere between a gloss and a liquid creme lipstick. It’s a pink-nude with mauve undertone and I love it! It’s full coverage, long lasting, non smudging/feathering/drying and highly pigmented. The formula is amazing and I’m hooked!

‘Empower’ top, ‘Harmony’ bottom

And that’s it! My finished look!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below or if you tried it yourself then please share pics with me! I’d love to see your looks 🙂

That’s it for today lovelies!

Until next time



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